All companies involved in processing goods passing through the Port of Barcelona, whether cargo handling or documentation, are eligible to register for the Efficiency Network Quality Label.
Each company can register its main business activity: shipping agent, freight forwarder, customs agent, transport company. Companies with more than one business activity may register for multiple business operations.
To start the process, you will need to send an Information request to the Quality Label management team at:
Once you have received an Information request form and returned it to the above email address, you will receive a response which marks the start of the certification process.
The response will be sent out no more than seven working days after the APB receives your information request. You will also be sent the new Quality Plan requirements document, which contains full details of the Plan and Label.
In addition to the response to the Information request, we will also send out a representative to present the scheme to you.
Your company can then evaluate the information provided during the visit and in the documentation. You can decide whether you are ready and want to register, or whether you need some time to make changes in order to meet the certification requirements.
companies promoted in all Port communications activities. You will also become a partner in improving process efficiency.