The Process Control System is used to assess the efficiency with which goods pass through the Port of Barcelona. It uses indicators that measure agility, safety, integrity, costs and other information.

These indicators measure aspects of port operations, such as:

  • Quality Team (EQ) interventions in relation to customs seals and goods.
  • Integrity of customs seals and goods (internal incidents).
  • Number of inspections performed.
  • Incidents during inspection.
  • Length of stay of containers.
  • Inspection time at the Border Check point (PIF).
  • Customer complaints.
  • Evolution of the Guarantee Programme.

At the same time, monthly indices are compiled with a view to highlighting any trends indifferent quality facets at the Port of Barcelona

Agility Index (A)

The agility index reflects the agility with which goods pass through the Port of Barcelona, taking into account both the documentary and physical processes. In other words, it looks at the entire process from submission of the summary declaration to the time the goods actually leave port premises.

Security Index (S)

The security index measures the integrity and security of customs seals and goods during their stay and handling at terminals covered by the Quality System. It measures and scores internal incidents, in other words, those occurring and recorded at the Port of Barcelona by the Quality Team.

Coordinated Physical Inspection Index (I)

The Coordinated Physical Inspection Index measures the coordination of the different agents involved in the physical inspection of goods at Terminal Contenidors de Barcelona (TCB), Terminal Catalunya (TerCat), Estibadora de Ponent and the PIF. This index analyses and scores any incidents that area tributable to logistics community agents, are recorded by the Quality Team and delay or prevent inspections from being conducted on the scheduled day.