Under the Process Control System, information agents, key data points, Quality Plan monitoring and assessment systems, and the specific interfaces to be scored are defined. The data then obtained on these variables are used to write up monthly Quality System reports, which are distributed among the Port of Barcelona's logistics community.

The status of goods passing through the Port during inspections and any incidents detected are communicated to the recipient.

Also critical to the process are the study of complaints covered under the Quality Plan, the triggering, where applicable, of the Guarantee Programme, and the notification of incidents detected in customs seals and/or goods and/or during the physical inspection of the information label to the logistics community.

The final goal of the control process has to do with review and improvement. By analysing the data and client complaints, improvements can be made to the provision of services and process efficiency and effectiveness and new targets can be set.

It is thus necessary to emphasize cooperation, technical assistance and/or collaboration with companies and organisations from the port community so as to pass on our experience in the sphere of quality in a way that redounds to the benefit of establishing top-notch traffic corridors.