The Port of Barcelona currently maintains a presence in Perpignan through a stake in a local joint venture company and through two delegations in Toulouse and Lyon. These delegations are intended to improve goods transport links and operations between Barcelona and France. The Port's representatives at the two goods platforms provide information to French operators about Port of Barcelona services. The operators can then optimise business responsiveness and costs.


The Port of Barcelona is a shareholder of PSCCT -Perpignan Saint Charles Containers terminal-, a local limited company, which manages and operates the Rail Route combined transport terminal in Perpignan Saint-Charles. Ideally located for trade between Europe and North Africa, in particular for trucks arriving in Ro-ro, as well as for the flow of fruit and vegetables from all continents by sea, the PSCCT terminal now accommodates railway operators. that contribute to the decarbonisation of freight transport. Traffic at the PSCCT terminal has evolved significantly in recent years thanks to new rail services for trailers (P400), exchange bodies and containers that connect Perpignan with Germany and northern France.