Consultancy services

Logistics consultancy

Consultancy services relating to logistics chains and shipping in the Port of Barcelona. Presenting the Port services which best suit customer needs and assisting with resources optimisation. Review of cost-cutting alternatives.

Customs clearance advice

Linked to the Barcelona Customs office, mediator in potential conflicts.

Review of invoices for port services

Port of Barcelona customers can use the PICASO application to review all port invoices and identify how the statutory and APB fees have been calculated. This analysis tool is an excellent way for our customers to negotiate better prices with logistics operators.

Calculating the CO2 emissions from your logistics chain

The Port of Barcelona has come up with a proactive response to the new European directives on greenhouse gases. We can produce a breakdown of your company's CO2 and NOx emissions that could improve your business.

Using the SIMPORT application and the European Commission's CORINAIR database, the Port of Barcelona calculates the number of tons of greenhouse gases generated by a specific logistics chain, together with the cost (in EUR) for each TEU transported. We then suggest tailored alternatives to reduce and offset these emissions. The analysis method is endorsed by the Port of Barcelona and the Technical University of Catalonia (BarcelonaTech).


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