Committee on trade facilitation and Port community systems

World PCS observatory

The fields with * must be completed.







1. Governance model

Company's stakeholders


Company's stakeholders


Company's stakeholders


Company's stakeholders


Company's stakeholders


2. Business lines. Specify % of annual invoicing of each business line:

a. PCS Services (EDI interchange) %
b. Commercialization of logistics applications (freight forwarder, shipping agent, customs agents, ...) %
c. Projects customer-tailored %
d. Consulting %
e. Externalization of services (EDI services, Systems administration) %
f. Other %
g. Other %

3. Business volume:

a. Number of ports where your PCS offers its services
b. Number of employees
c. Invoicing volume
d. Annual profit ($)

4. International development of PCS:

a. Are you a PCS vendor? Yes No
b. Are you offering consultancy on PCS? Yes No

5. EDI messages:

a. Number of clients (number of companies)
b. Number of users
c. Number of annual messages/transactions

6. Types of messages:


7. Modes of transport covered by the PCS:

a. Maritime (sea) Yes No
b. Land (truck) Yes No
c. Air Yes No
d. Rail Yes No
e. River Yes No

8. Services offered to each type of cargo:

a. Container Yes No
b. Liquid bulk Yes No
c. Solid bulk Yes No
d. Vehicles Yes No
e. RORO Yes No
f. Service to vessels (Bunkering, etc) Yes No

9. PCS services:

a. EDI service (PCS) Yes No
b. Logistics applications Yes No
c. Customs management Yes No
d. Vessel management (Port call) Yes No
e. Vessel operations (Loading/unloading) Yes No
f. Terminal operations Yes No
g. Freight management Yes No
h. Hauling transportation Yes No
i. Inventory management Yes No
j. Billing services Yes No
k. Other

10. Interconnection:

a. National Single Window Yes No
b. Other PCS Yes No
c. Banks Yes No
d. Insurance company Yes No
e. GTM systems Yes No
f. Other

11. New technologies:

a. IoT Yes No
b. Big data Yes No
c. Mobile Yes No
d. Cloud services:  
Services as a Services (SaaS) Yes No
Plattform as a Services (PaaS) Yes No
f. Other