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Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions play an important role in climate change. The effects of GHG emissions are global, regardless of where they are emitted. Furthermore, almost all industrial and service activity sectors have associated GHG emissions caused by energy consumption, waste generation and mobility.

Adopting strategies to reduce GHG emissions is becoming increasingly necessary for ports because they represent nodes of the freight transport logistics chain and contribute to the carbon footprint of products passing through. Customers of these goods are increasingly concerned about the carbon footprint of their products' lifecycle and are demanding distribution modes and routes for their products or materials that are low in greenhouse gas emissions, since transport makes the greatest contribution to the carbon footprint of many products.

Considering how important the fight against climate change is for ports, the Port of Barcelona has implemented a strategy to reduce GHG emissions, based on three pillars or levels: Port Authority organisation, goods moved by the port, and logistics chains that choose the port of Barcelona as a node.