Development of a new terminal in Moll Costa

Project - Reinforcement of short sea shipping in the Port of Barcelona through the development of a maritime station.

Project description:

The Project consists on the development of a new intermodal terminal and its accesses in the Port of Barcelona. A maritime station for ro-ro and passenger transhipment, managed by Grimaldi Terminal Barcelona, which will allow the Port of Barcelona to offer a reliable and ecological mode of transport, with guaranteed transit times, as well as economically more appealing than road transport. Consequently, this will increase the intermodal capacity and efficiency of the Port. This terminal will have new control accesses which will improve the access of goods, simplify the customs processes in short sea shipping, and reorganize the traffic rout, avoiding heavy traffic from entering the city centre.

Short sea shipping is a key factor in the competitiveness of the Port of Barcelona. However, the current infrastructures are already saturated. The construction of a new terminal and accesses to it will allow the transfer of part of the volume of goods currently carried out by road, thus alleviating congestion and pollution in the Mediterranean. This new terminal will help the Port of Barcelona to become the short sea shipping hub in the Mediterranean; the freight hub of Southern Europe. Moreover, the adjacent railways in the new terminal will allow car manufacturers to transport their vehicles by rail rather than by road, thus increasing the competitiveness of the automotive sector.

The main purpose of the Action is to enhance short sea shipping transport, in particular motorways of the sea, as an alternative means of transport to road haulage. This contributes to the decongestion of existing land routes and bottlenecks, and the reduction of pollution caused by road transport.

Conducted activities:

The Project consisted in the following activities:

1. Construction of a new roll-on/roll-off and passenger terminal.
2. Urban development of Moll Costa.
3. New control accesses (ICT systems, and others).

The Barcelona Port Authority has been responsible for the development of activity 2.

Summary of the results achieved:

· The Port of Barcelona has now two terminals specialised in short sea shipping traffic.
· Now, the new terminal is integrated with the city of Barcelona through new connections and new traffic system.
· Due to this new terminal, Barcelona has a more efficient infrastructure for road haulers and passengers.
· There has been a reinforcement of the short sea line between the Italian pots of Rome, Livorno and Savona; as well as with the Moroccan port of Tangier med. Therefore, contributing to establishing the maritime transport as a viable alternative particularly between Spain-Italy, and Spain-North of Africa.
· To contribute to the increase of the modal shift from road to both rail and sea.
· This Action has increased the internal capacity of the Port of Barcelona to handle new short sea services.
· This terminal contributes to the establishment of sea transport as a viable alternative to road haulage, being a more efficient and environmentally-friendly transport mode, as well as more economic, and hence increasing the frequency of short sea shipping maritime transport.
· A better integration of short sea shipping in door-to-door freight transport services.
· The construction and usage of this terminal has allowed a reduction on the external costs and environmental impact (pollution, accidents, congestion, noise pollution, among others) if compared to the same traffic by road. Estimated reduction of 82%; 2.695M€.


Project proposal: 2010-ES-91157-P

Agreement Number: C(2013)8444 - (Final Decision on: 22.11.2013)

Project planning:

Starting date:
28th February 2013

End date:
30th September 2014

Status: Completed.


Total eligible costs:

14,050,000.00 € (1)

TEN-T contribution:

1,405,000.00 €

TEN-T funding:


APB funding:

526,421.00 €

States involved:



Grimaldi Terminal Barcelona (coordinator)
Autoridad Portuaria de Barcelona

Suport program:

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2012 Call for proposals

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(1) The final cost of the project has been of 9.505.436,57€, a 33% less than budgeted.

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