Project proposal:
Agreement No:

Project planning:
Starting date: March 2016
End date: December 2018

Project leader:
Luka Koper
Project partners:
Autoritat Portuària de Barcelona, Autoterminal, Neptune Lines
States involved:
Spain, Eslovenia

Total eligible costs:
17,142,880 €
TEN-T contribution:
5,230,280 €
TEN-T funding:
APB funding:
1,578,500 €
Support Program:

2015 Multiannual Call

Links of interest:
Innovation and Networks Executive Agency
Motorways of the Sea
CEF Transport – Motorways of the Sea

Project description:

This project aims to improve the existing Motorways of the Sea service to increase the transport of electrical cars by sea. To this end, access infrastructure in the ports of Koper and Barcelona will be developed to improve port access and railway connections.

More specifically, at the Barcelona Port, the Príncipe de España rail terminal will be adapted to meet EU standards, and a new terminal access will be built. Furthermore, Koper and Barcelona will study and prototype the installation of columns for electrical charging and one study will assess environmental performance of Neptune line, the operator of the link.


The main objectives of the Action are as follows:

· Enhancing the maritime transportation of finished cars in the Mediterranean Sea.

· Upgrading and modernising the infrastructures for direct land and sea access to the ports of Koper and Barcelona.

· Conducting a study to identify the needs of supply chain logistics for electric cars, including an analysis on vehicle autonomy.

· Pilot installation of columns for charging electric vehicles at those two ports.

APB participation:

The APB takes part in the following activities:

· Adaptation of the Príncep de Espanya rail terminal.
· New terminal access.
· Support to electric vehicles logistic.

Expected results:

· Better land and maritime access to core ports, and an improved connection to the Core Network Corridors.
· Estimated 25.000 additional vehicles transported by MoS on an annual basis.
· Decongestion of roads due to the shifts towards more environmentally friendly means of transport.
· Improving intermodality by upgrading the internal railway network of Barcelona Port to UIC gauge.
· Having the first terminal in Spain for cars adapted to EU standards.
· Enhancing the knowledge on the distribution of electric and hybrid vehicles.

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