Project proposal:
Agreement No:

Project planning:
Starting date: January 2018
End date: December 2021

Project leader:
Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mar Tirreno Centro Settentrionale (CVT PORT)
Soci del projecte:
Port de Barcelona
States involved:
Italy, Spain

Total eligible costs:
21,542,962 €
TEN-T contribution:
4,338,865 €
TEN-T funding:
APB funding:
2,138,848 €
Support Program:

2018 Multiannual Call

Project description:

According to the official forecasts, the freight traffic in the MoS link between the Ports of Barcelona and Civitavecchia is going to grow in the West Med by approximately 2,5% per year in the period 2015-2020. For this reason, investments are being made in both ports.

This action is embedded within a global project aiming at supporting the on-going investments in the ports Barcelona and Civitavecchia to cope with the growth in freight traffic expected for the next years and to better integrate the existing logistical chains.

The global project considers the Motorways of the Seas (MoS) as one of the main drivers of the international trade within the Mediterranean Sea. The relative attractiveness of maritime ports is a crucial part in the decision of transporters to choose for a sea borne leg. This goes both for the efficiency or ports and ports services themselves, as well as the fluidity of its hinterland connections.

The aim of this activity is to improve the infrastructures dedicated to the Motorways of the Seas (MoS) in the Port of Barcelona, by expanding the terrestrial and maritime installations.

For Barcelona, this project consists in adapting the Contradic Wharf (which is currently used for solid bulk cargo) to support SSS traffic. In order to improve and adapt the wharf, the following works are necessary: the reinforcement of the quay, enlargement of the existing RoRo ramp, and to adapt the existing railway terminal to transport new vehicles to enable distribution in the Western Mediterranean through current SSS lines.

Aquesta activitat es divideix en dues subactivitats:

1. The reinforcement of the Contradic North Pier.
2. The adaptation of the current rail terminal on the Contradic Wharf to support SSS traffic.


The main objectives of the Action are:

• Final construction of the Pier II for MoS traffic in the Port of Civitavecchia. Involved partners: Port Authority of Civitavecchia.
• To upgrade the infrastructure for MoS in the Port of Barcelona.

Involved partners: Port de Barcelona