CLEANPORT – Alternative Fuels and Solutions for Port's Cold-Ironing: Standardisation of Regulatory Framework and Demonstration of Feasible Exploitation.

Project description and Objectives:

The Action strives towards facilitating the implementation of the infrastructure Directive 2014/94/EU, as well as other EU Directives relating to emissions and air quality.

The Cleanport overall objective is to demonstrate a viable clean alternative maritime power system, consisting of on board gas auxiliary generation with Natural Gas (NG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

The Action aims to overcome the barriers for harmonisation of the normative framework and for standardisation of technical solutions required for the supply of alternative fuels (NG and LNG) in ports and ships, in addition to demonstrate new operation and energetic services alternatives through Energy Service Companies (ESCO), making viable electricity generation on-board during operations of arrival, departure and port permanence, by means of the construction of an on-shore bunkering infrastructure at Barcelona Port and at the ferry vessel Abel Matutes (owned by Balearia).

The aim is that the Action becomes a reference project in the Mediterranean sea.

After analysing the requirements and technical barriers, the pilot will be implemented. The pilot consist of the installation of the auxiliary engine on the ferry vessel Abel Matutes, the NG supply connection to the berth, the mobile equipment for the provision of LNG supply and the connections to the berth. Once in operation, the results will be analysed in order to elaborate a proposal of normative harmonisation, as well as to evaluate the possible exploitation, through the development of a Business model.

The Action includes a real life trial consisting of 3 elements: the installation of a dedicated auxiliary natural gas engine on the ferry Abel Matute to generate electricity; a small scale LNG bunkering facility (truck to ship); and a natural gas bunkering facility, both located in the core port of Barcelona.

The action will generate the main deliverables:

• An auxiliary power system based on NG and LNG installed on the vessel Abel Matutes.
• NG supply connections on the berth in Barcelona Port.
• A truck to ship supply system in Barcelona Port.
• A study on requirements and barriers, specification of the pilot installations and sub sequential proposal for improvement of related standard regulation and harmonisation.
• Reports on the technical results of the pilot and on the economic exploitation (business model).

APB participation:

The APB takes part in different activities of the Project, being the leader of the constructions at the Port of Barcelona, as well as the implementation of the Dissemination Plan.

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Project proposal: 2014-ES-TM-0711-S

Agreement No: INEA/CEF/TRAN/M2014/1037948

Project planning:

Starting date:
January 2014

End date:
December 2018

Status: On-going.


Total eligible costs:

6.349.058 €

TEN-T contribution:

3.174.529 €

TEN-T funding:


APB funding:

108.500 €


Project leader:

Gas Natural SGD, SA (Gas Natural Fenosa)

Project partners:
Balearia, Port de Barcelona, DGMM, AP Baleares

States involveds:


Support Program:

CEF Programme 

2014 Multiannual call

Links of interest:

Cleanport INEA website
European Comission