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Air quality in the Port de Barcelona (pdf)

Preserving air quality in the port environment is a priority for the Port of Barcelona. Road traffic, enlargement works and infrastructure maintenance, boats and machinery used in port operations all generate emissions of gases and dust into the atmosphere and influence the air quality both in the port and in nearby urban areas. The Port has been working for many years to reduce these emissions and their impact on the air quality of the immediate environment.

Weather conditions are the determining factor of the dispersion of pollutants into the atmosphere and, indirectly, of air quality. Likewise, many port activities may be affected by adverse weather conditions, especially wind and rain, which can limit and even disrupt land and sea operations for safety reasons.

The Port of Barcelona dedicates particular efforts to monitoring the meteorological variables and concentrations of pollutants in ambient air using its own network of weather and air quality stations.

The Port is also implementing actions to reduce atmospheric emissions from port activities, which are included in the Port of Barcelona Air Quality Improvement Action Plan.