Meteorological network
Weather forecast
Weather conditions in the Port

Weather conditions, particularly wind and rain, not only influence the dispersion of pollutants emitted but can directly affect the development of port operations.

It is very important for the Port of Barcelona to have reliable and up-to-date information on the weather conditions at all times and to record them for future climate analysis as well as to be able to interpret air pollution levels.

Meteorological network

The most important meteorological variable is the wind. The port is located between the obstacle of the Montjuic mountain, the channelling of the Llobregat riverbed, the Mediterranean Sea and the proximity to the heat island represented by the city of Barcelona. All of these elements affect air circulation and therefore the wind regime varies greatly in different areas of the port.

The Port currently has seven meteorological stations throughout the port precinct and its environs, equipped with sensors that mainly measure wind. Some also measure atmospheric pressure, temperature and relative humidity, solar radiation and precipitation. Three stations (in black on the map) are fully equipped and make it possible to characterise a wide area of the port in terms of weather data, while the other four (in blue on the map) are exclusively anemometric, and allow local analysis of wind behaviour.

The first stations were installed in 1997 and were: No 01 located in the Dispensary on Bosch i Alsina wharf and No 02 at the Siren of the former entrance mouth. More stations have been set up since then, providing coverage for the rest of the port, up to the new activities occupying the southern enlargement towards El Prat de Llobregat. This year there are plans to install two new stations (in red on the map) in the South Entrance mouth and the BEST Terminal on Prat wharf, and to remove station No P4.

The map below allows you to click the points indicated to check the specific characteristics of each station. Data on the weather stations of the Port of Barcelona can be requested at

Weather forecast

In addition to real-time weather information, port activity requires information about future weather conditions. The Port of Barcelona has access to specific weather forecasts for wind, temperature and waves prepared by the Meteorological Service of Catalonia (SMC) and the Public Authority Puertos del Estado (OPPE) in collaboration with the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

These forecasts make it possible to activate Port of Barcelona Weather Risk Alerts and limit operations on the various wharves.

Puertos del Estado forecasts are currently available, and those from the SMC will be on stream soon..

Puertos del Estado Portus

Weather conditions in the Port

Analysing the series of values of the different variables recorded at port weather stations provides a picture of the behaviour of the climate within the port.

An initial statistical analysis of the main variables has been drawn up from the series for the period 2008-2013 at the 02-Siren station.


Average and maximum values for mean speed 10 minutal per season.

Frequency of direction of origin of the wind (weather vanes) by seasons.

The predominant wind directions in winter and autumn are westerly winds associated with storms coming in from the Atlantic, while spring and summer are characterised by coastal breezes, especially in the daytime, which are predominantly southerly.



Average annual rainfall in this period was 398 l/m2, primarily in the autumn months. Winters are dry and summers very dry.