Being one of the most important markets on the Asian continent and continuing to promote it on this continent, Japan (Tokyo and Yokohama) is the destination of the Port of Barcelona trade mission this year.

One of the main objectives of the mission is to convert the Port of Barcelona and Catalonia into one of the main port hubs in Europe and in the Mediterranean for the japanese market, as well as to increase trade between both countries.

  • 172 million population with a high purchasing power.
  • Third world economy, advanced level of industrial and technologies.
  • Japan is the country where the wealth grew the most in 2017.
  • EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and access with low tariff protection.
  • Geographical location and territorial characteristics have caused Japan to boost its economy and trade based on maritime transport.
  • 5th in the ranking of the best means of transport infrastructure.
  • Upcoming events: Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020 and Expo 2025 in Osaka-Kansai.
  • Catalan exports represent 34.4% of the exports of Spain.
  • The main products that Catalonia sells to Japan are vehicles (30%), meat (27.5%) and organic chemicals (7.4%).

More information:
Country seminar 2019. Barcelona, Thursday, 20th june 2019
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Japan is the 12th commercial partner of the Port of Barcelona, with 9 regular shipping lines that connect the Port of Barcelona with the 17 main ports of Japan (4 Container ships services with one transshipment and 5 direct services Car Carriers).

The transit of containers between the Port of Barcelona and Japan was 30.405, in 2018, and the vehicles moved a figure of 1,235 units exported and 49,281 imported units.

The Japanese market is strategic for the Port of Barcelona, which has been a permanent representative in the country since 1993, and is part of the Catalonia-Japan Plan, promoted by the Government of Catalonia to strengthen the relations between both countries.


El The EPA (EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement), the most important in history, came into effect on February 1st, and with its effects the companies and consumers of Europe and Japan will be able to take advantage of the largest commercial area on the planet, which accounts for 40% of global exchanges. The agreement will promote the commercial exchanges of goods and services, generating great opportunities of investment for both parts.


The areas in which Spanish companies have focused on Japan, in recent years, are the retail, the automotive sector and the one related to renewable energies. The Asian country, in its Basic Energy Plan, has the objective to increase the energy independence of the country and reduce its emissions, the latter sector is one of the most interesting for the next year.

Catalan and Japanese companies have proved to be excellent global partners, despite being competitors in some parts, have common strategic interests in areas such as automotive, railways, water desalination and energy.

Some of the sectors that are expected to have great growth are:

  • Agrifood and gourmet products.
  • Automotive and its future subsectors.
  • Biotechnology / Pharma.
  • Alternative renewable energies and hidrogen as an energy vector.
  • TIC'S.