Each one of the different commercial missions already carried out has proved the role of the Port of Barcelona as a catalyser for foreign trade. Not only does the mission promote the Port Logistic Community of the Port of Barcelona, but it also provides the first contact for many companies to introduce themselves into a new market and thus, create new commercial links.

Colombia 2013

October 19th - 26th.

A delegation of the Port de Barcelona, composed by 52 business people coming from import/export companies and organizations of the logistics community, travelled to Colombia. This year's trade mission counted on the participation of the minister of Territory and Sustainability, Santi Vila, and the president of the Port de Barcelona, who together headed up the delegation.

The mission took place in Bogotá and Cartagena de Indias, where the Port de Barcelona organized two business sessions and several business-to-business meetings (B2B) between Catalan and Colombian entrepreneurs. 370 Colombian business people attended to the aforementioned sessions and 334 bilateral contacts were established. 

In the institutional sphere, it is important to emphasize that two collaboration agreements were signed and that relevant meetings with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Transports of Colombia were conducted. Furthermore, encounters with the council of Bogotá and Cartagena de Indias, as well as meetings with remarkable companies from the Colombian logistic sector were organized.

Brazil 2012

November 4th - 8th.

Multi-sector trade mission, attended by 36 companies import/export and Port Logistics Community of Barcelona, was realized in Sao Paulo aimed to promote the internationalization of our customers (importers, exporters and the Port de Barcelona Logistical Community) to Brazilian market, consolidating the traffic flows between the two countries and strengthen the position of the Port de Barcelona.

Besides the commercial labor and the market prospection by the delegation companies, the Port Community of Barcelona introduced the Port de Barcelona and its services to 270 brazilian businessmen who assisted  the meetings and the intermodal seminar session about Customs, in where 69 people participated.

Turkey 2011

 November the 21st-24th.

The trade mission to Istanbul which 50 import-export and logistic companies took part in aimed to consolidate the relationships made during the 2003 mission, promote the Port de Barcelona and its Logistical Community and to establish business contacts.

230 meetings were programmed in total. 154 for the Logistical Community and the resting 76 for export and import companies, these agendas were prepared by UTIKAD and ACC1O respectively.

Besides the commercial labor and the market prospection by the delegation companies, the Port Community of Barcelona introduced the Port de Barcelona and its services to 200 Turkish businessman who assisted to the business meetings and the intermodal seminar session about Costumes and Short Sea Shipping and Ro-Ro services, where 45 people participated in.

Institutionally, a collaboration agreement was signed between the Freight Forwarders Association of Barcelona (ATEIA-OLT) and Turkey (UTIKAD) in order to improve the document proceedings of commodities and its transportation. On the other hand, one representative of the Port de Barcelona went to Izmir to visit the TCB group's TCB EGE Container Terminal.

Tunisia 2010

May 31st - June 3rd

The delegation was led by the chairman of the Port of Barcelona, Jordi Valls, and formed by 42 businessmen of the port sector and importers/exporters of 37 companies (13 import/export and 24 belonging to the Port Logistics Community), with a high representative presence of the Port Community of Barcelona.

The outcome of the trade mission of the Port of Barcelona is very satisfactory, both because it revealed great expectations for collaboration and because of the specific opportunities for business and exchange, that were confirmed since the very first day. In total 25 agendas of bilateral contacts were established, for which 270 appointments were programmed.

Egypt 2009

February 15th-20th.

A mission involving several industrial sector was organised by the Port de Barcelona, the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and Egypt's Economic and Commercial Office in Barcelona. The delegation was composed of 35 businessmen who held business-to-business (B2B) meetings in the cities of Cairo and Alexandria. In total 412 B2B were scheduled. The Port de Barcelona signed a cooperative agreement with the Port of Alexandria, with the objective of expanding the collaboration that has existed between both entities for years. The Port of Barcelona made a presentation about the port and logistics community in both cities wich was attended by some 200 Egyptian businessman.

Algeria 2008

December 2nd-4th.

The mission was hold in the city of Algiers from December 2nd to 4th and was aimed at companies of the Barcelona's Port Community. It consisted of 23 companies of the logistic port sector.

This trade mission was aim to provide business contacts and professionals meetings, with the purpose of detecting new opportunities of business and promoting commercial exchanges. For each of 11 participant companies in the bilateral contacts, the Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of Spain in Algeria programmed approximately 14 working meetings.

The official inauguration hold the presentation of the Port of Barcelona and its Port Community, with a representative presence of the port (PDG's of the Algerian ports), customs and business sectors attended the event. 190 Algerian executives attended the event.

On the other hand, within the framework of the mission it took place a session of technical character devoted to the customs and the ports. In this session analyzed and debated its operatives and its growth expectations, as well as its role before the new needs, transformations and challenges, which these sectors have to face, because of the dynamics of the change of the environment.

In this working session took part the following executives: Antonio de la Ossa, chief of the Regional Dependence of Customs of Catalonia, Slimane Zemmouri, the regional director of them Algerian Customs, Mohamed Nemouchi, deputy director of Ports of Algeria, Faïçal Khelil and Righi, PDG's of SOGEPORTS and the presidents and general directors of the ports of Argel, Oran, Annaba, Béjaia, Ghazaouet, Skikda, Tenes, Djen Djen, Mostaganem and Arzew. As previously programmed, the delegation visited the Port of Algiers, which enjoys a remarkable growth of traffic.

Morocco 2008

June 15th-20th.

Delegation comprising 90 persons, importers / exporters, members ofthe Logistic Community of Barcelona and institutional group. In the cities of Tangier and Casablanca were 576 contacts with Moroccan businessmen. During the mission the delegation institutional visits to Tangier, Casablanca and Rabat.

Business performance will in time, but you can make an initial appraisal satisfactory level overall. At the institutional level to highlight the signing of the protocol between the Development Committee of routes from Barcelona(CDRA) and Royal Air Maroc (RAM), the signing of a cooperation agreement between the National Ports Authority of Morocco (ANP) and the Barcelona PortAuthority (APB) on development of ports, the signing of the agreement between Autoterminal and Marsa Maroc jointly manage the terminal in the Port of Casablanca vehicles, as well as the development of vehicle terminals at ports in Morocco, and the signing of a cooperation agreement between Barcelona and ATEIA Freights Forwarders Association des du Maroc.

Brazil 2005

November 19th – 26th.

The participants in the mission, companies of the logistic port sector, emphasized the level of selection of the bilateral encounter that were realised in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Finally they settled down more than 200 enterprise contacts when initially from Barcelona were programmed 124.

During this mission, the Port of Barcelona signed agreements of collaboration with the ports of Rio de Janeiro, Santos and Salvador de Bahia for the interchange of experiences between both ports in the scopes of problematic harbor in economic and the commerce, regulations and movements of ships.