The Forum Telemàtic, which meets approximately every six weeks, establishes the guidelines and objectives for monitoring and analysing the results of new procedures designed to streamline physical or documentary processes associated with the passage of goods and means of transport through the Port of Barcelona.

Fòrum Telemàtic acts as a consultative body to the improvement proposals developed by Working Groups, which are coordinated by the Port Authority. Once procedures have been validated by the Forum Telemàtic, they have to be submitted to the Steering Committee for the Strategic Plan and Quality, the Port of Barcelona's senior inter-organisational body.

Implementation is handled by the different agents involved in the procedure and monitoring is conducted through the Fòrum Telemàtic itself.

Also of note is the Fòrum Telematic's role as an opinion group with regard to the dynamics, impact and regulation of new technologies in the port logistics sector, both locally and at the national and international levels.