The External Relations department coordinates the Work Groups, which are presiding by a member of the Port Community. A member of the Barcelona Port Authority is the coordinator. These Groups were created with the aim of studying and/or developing temporary issues as well as a way to stimulating and implementing new projects. The Work Groups issue its proposals to be approved by the Advisory Board. There are the following groups

Telematic forum

Its mission is to define, to optimize and to harmonize the documentary procedures related with the passing of goods and means of transport through the Port of Barcelona.

Sustainability - CSR

Its but is to promote the improvement of a socially responsible behaviour within the Port of Barcelona and its port community and establishing priorities for CSR.

Strategy and Innovation

Its objective is generate prosperity in our environment and to encourage the creation of new concepts, business, services, facilities, etc. to assure the constant and sustainable development of the port community.


Its purpose is to contribute, through the analysis and the debate, with concrete proposals, in order to improve the processes of the port community and that could suppose a significant interest in the offer of services of the port.

Land Transport Forum

Its purpose is to promote the use of rail transport in the Port and to set up joint actions by the port community aimed to the overland transport in maritime and on shore terminals with high-level safety precautions, quality, environmental protection just as the integration and regulation of this sector.

Marketing and Commercial

Generate commercial strategy for the Port Community both in the hinterland and the foreland.

Short Sea Shipping

Its mission is to boost and facilitate development mechanisms to improve the short sea shipping in the Port of Barcelona.

Training and Employment

Provide companies in the sector, through the associations, a space to showcase the characteristics of their activity and the professional profiles they need to develop in an appropriate way and to to promote quality training in line with the present and future needs of the logistics and port sector.