It is the payment by the user of the Port of Barcelona of the taxes and fares caused by the provision of the direct services (concessions, ships arrivals and departures, supplies, various services...).


The payment of the amounts fixed in the invoices not payed by direct debit will be made by bank transfer, by cash or by a certified check in the one-step shop of the Port.

BBVA ES56 0182 6035 470201567254
CAIXABANC ES85 2100 3290 452500002201
SABADELL ES87 0081 0025 260070002308
BSCH ES19 0049 1806 902211994594

In the case of the invoices payed by direct debit,the amount will be charged in the account given in the "Forma de pago" column.

Payments on line

Dates and periods:

The maximum period to cash the debts originated by the settlement of fares will be of 20 days from de date of notification of the invoice.

End of the voluntary period of payment:
- For the notifications made between the 1st and 15th of the month, the 5th of the next month or the immediate working day.
- For the notifications made between the 16th and the late day of the month, the 20th of the next month or the immediate working day, unless the contract specifies different periods.

The debts not settled in the established period will produce interests for late payment that will be fixed charging a surcharge of 4 points over the current legal interest rate during the exceeding period.
The action of not paying repeatedly the port taxes and fares can cause the temporary suspension of the provision of services under the article 48.2 of the Ley 27/1992 of November 24th.

Once the voluntary period of payment is over, it will commence the legal proceedings as it is established in the article 69 of the Régimen General de Recaudación and the article 161.1 of the Ley General Tributaria.


Regarding to the settlement and/or payment of invoices it can be lodged an economic-administrative appeal against this settlement in the period of 15 days from de date of notification before the Economic-Administrative provincial Court.

Moreover, it is necessary to point out that the mentioned appeal doesn't suspend neither the execution of the settlement nor the payment of the amount. In case that it is not paid in the fixed period,there will be increased by the corresponding surcharge and will lead to the collect through the legal proceedings.