The Barcelona Port Authority (APB) is the governing body responsible for managing the Port of Barcelona. It reports to the Spanish National Ports and Harbour Authority, which implements government port policy. The national authority also coordinates and monitors efficiency in the port network – the 28 port authorities that manage the 44 ports of general interest in Spain.

Under the provisions of Spanish Law 33/2010 of 5 August 2010, amending Law 48/2003 of 26 November 2003 on the financial and services regime for ports of general interest, the APB is required to fulfil the following functions:

- Providing general port services; authorising and monitoring basic port services.
- Managing the port service area and port use.
- Planning, design, construction, maintenance and operations pertaining to works, port services and navigational aids.
- Managing the public port area and area covered by the navigational aids.
- Managing the port's financial assets and resources.
- Promoting industrial and commercial activities linked to maritime transport and port traffic.
- Coordinating operations involving different transport modes within the port precinct.

The Barcelona Port Authority is member of: