All infraction committed in the grounds of the Port of Barcelona can be the object of denunciation by the Cos de Guardamolls (wharf guards unit), which executes the surveillance and control functions.

This unit has competence to sanction those conducts which infringe the Regulations on Services, Police and Surveillance of the Port of Barcelona, being one of them the traffic offences.

The denunciations for infractions made inside the grounds of the Port of Barcelona can be cancelled if there is a payment of the imposed fines.


There are different methods of payment of the resultant fines from the denunciations made by the Port Police:

- Payment in Unified Acces Service.
Barcelona wharf, WTC-East, ground floor. Labour days from Monday to Friday, 8h - 19h

- Payment by internet with credit card. At On-line payments you must select Fines.

- In CaixaBank offices and ServiCaixa ATMs.

In all cases it is essential to indicate the number of the expedient. You CAN'T pay the fine by internet until you receive the notification at home.

Dates and periods

The indicated in the denunciation report.


The denounced one for an infraction or fine can present defense submissions in order to appeal against the sanctioning expedient in case of disagreement. It is convenient to attach documents that justify the arguments stated in the defense submissions.

These defense submissions have to be presented in the offices of the Unified Access Service (SAU), at send them by Electronic site of the Port de Barcelona.