Registration in Regular Lines

The purpose of the registrarion of chips in regular liner traffic is that the ships can be benefited with the application invoicing reductions. It is referred to the ships getting access to the Port of Barcelona in more than a determinate number of calls.

How to do it

Submitting this form to the director of the Barcelona Port Authority, properly completed, signed and stamped by the empowered of the shipping agent's representative of the ship which covers a regular liner traffic.

Required documents

Indicate the number of estimated calls, the name of the ship, the radio call sign, the IMO number (International Maritime Organization) or its equivalence of the Lloyd's number, name of the shipowner and of the shipping agent. In case one ship is substituted, it has to be given the name of the new ship. In case of VAT exemption, it is necessary to attach the ship's VAT exemption certificate.

- Form
- Cruises form
- Tutorial
- Add or substitution ships form

Definitions and attached

Who can ask for it

The shipping agent or the ship's representative of the regular liner traffic in the Port of Barcelona.

Where it can be requested

In person at the Unified Access Service (SAU).

Dates and periods

Once the forms have been presented, it depends on the administrative procedure.

More information

Call to the telephone Tariff Dep. 34 93 298 61 13 or SAU 34 93 298 60 00