Special transports


The object of this step is to obtain the permission of traffic of special vehicles inside the port grounds, as well as the request of the accompaniment service. This service has to be requested by any vehicle that needs to circulate through the port grounds and for its measurements is classified as a special transport.

A transport is considered special when it surpasses certain measurements as:

The maximum lenght:

- Trailers: 12.00 metres
- Rigid motor vehicles: 12.00 metres
- Articulated vehicles except coaches: 16.50 metres
- Articulated coaches: 18.75 metres
- Road trains: 18.75 metres (20.55 m. in case of vehicles transport).

The maximum width to circulate, as a general rule, is 2.55 metres. For refrigerated vehicles with thick wall it will be 2.60 metres.

The maximum headroom of the vehicle, including the load, is 4.00 metres.

Maximum loaded gauges in the accesses to the Port
Weights and dimensions summary chart

Required documents:

To request an authorization it is necessary the next information:
- Tax information of the transport company for the invoicing of this service.
- Departure and destination places inside the port grounds. The route is determined by the Port Police according to the particular circumstances.
- The day of the service.
- The measurements of the vehicle including the load (length, width, headroom and weight).


An authorization for traffic of a special transport can be requested 24 hours a day year-round.

It is advisable to request it in person in the Unified Access Service (SAU), Monday to Friday from 08:00 hours to 19:00 hours, or in the CI-SAU, Monday to Friday from 07.30 to 20.00 h. By web filling this form. Out of these hours, as an exception, the authorization can be requested to the Port Police.

The price fixed for this service is 24.44 € plus VAT.