Port identity cards


It is the procedure to obtain the credentials or the identity card that allows the access to the port grounds to those which fortheir professional activity have to do it every day or in a sporadic but continually way.

The companies located in the port grounds (concessionaires) or for those activities that take place in the Port of Barcelona.

Required documents:

You have to request in writing the identity cards by means of the habitual form (for activities of permanent nature) or the temporary form (for activities of less than three months of duration), attaching the necessary documentation.

Being a first application, the documentation to be presented is:

- Application form.
- 1 original passport-size color photo (photocopies are not allowed). Only for activities of permanent nature and for the habitual forms.
- Photocopy of the valid National Identity Card cut out in real size
- Photocopy of the TC2 in which appear the names of the workers that need the identity card. In case that a worker doesn't appear, it has to be attached a document signed by the company's managing director.

If the applicant company is not a concessionaire one, it will have to be guaranteed by the company that has to contract its services (shipping agent, concessionaire or official entity) or by the department of the Barcelona Port Authority (APB) that requests its services. In the guaranteed application it has to be stated the next:

- Stamp of the guaranteeing company
- Signature of the authorized person
- Name and National Identity Card of the signatory person


The applications can be requested and presented in the Unified Access Service (SAU) offices.
For renewals only is necessary to present the TC2 with the application form.

The identity cards are delivered in a 48 hours period from its presentation. The price of each identity card is 
4,96€ plus VAT.