Container Land Transport


Barcelona Port Authority has computerised the procedures related to the land transport of containers. To perform the paperwork electronically, you must have an electronic certificate or an agreed key.

This section provides you with all the information required to perform any of the following procedures:

Generic Authorisation Request: this procedure enables the holder to transport containers by land in the Port of Barcelona for a period of three years, with specific drivers and tractor units.

Specific Authorisation Request: this procedure enables the holder to perform specific operations in container terminals and/or container depots in the Port of Barcelona, with one specific driver and tractor unit, for a period of forty-eight hours and involves processing the advance notice or notices required for such operations.

Request for sending advance notices: this procedure enables companies with generic or specific authorisations to send telematic messages in which the transport company provides the container terminal and/or container depots with the data corresponding to the container with which it wishes to operate.

Registration in the Census of mediation activities in land container transport: this website allows all companies that are part of the transport chain, as either contractors or transport companies, to manage container transport services by road

Technical specifications

See below for a link to the technical specifications for land container transport activity in the port of Barcelona

Technical specifications