Works to inspection docks building. Background, the

Hands of a fisherman threading his net 2008

Rain falling on a crystal of a Board of Contol 2009

One Quality control in the PIF 2008

Two workers of the Quality Team and view

Two workers of the Guardamolls Corp at the roundabout of Columbus.

Harbor worker material handling piping which

Great Varadero car of repairs on Catalunya Dock 1929

Pia boat of repairs on the Dry Dock 1922

A barge of the Port auxiliary fleet of repairs on the Dry

Crane number 10 of the Barceloneta Dock loading

Cotton transport with the crane 1928

Teresa sheer-legs on the National Dock. Background, the

Repairing Teresa sheer-legs on the Dry Dock 1923

Workers celebrating the completion of a reconstruction

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