Two workers of the Guardamolls Corp at the roundabout

Monument tribute to Joan Salvat-Papasseit

Monument to the athletes of the sea

Cabeza de Barcelona is the name of this

Una habitació on sempre plou (A room where it always rains)

Gamba (Javier Mariscal, 1987) placed wooden

Parella (Romance) is the name of these sculptures (Lautaro Díaz, 1998),

Workers at Pescadors Dock 2008

Two workers of the Quality Team and view

One Quality control in the PIF 2008

Rain falling on a crystal of a Board of Contol 2009

Hands of a fisherman threading his net 2008

Aerial view of the building of Nuevo Vulcano.

Fish Market and the rest of Pescadores Dock 2009

Bags of coffee and cocoa 2009