Cobi, the Olympics Games mascot. 1992

Olympic torch held by the mayor of Barcelona and the president

Fireworks celebrating Olympics Games Barcelona 92.

Maremagnum, Clock tower and the homes of the fishermen

Aerial view of Portal de la Pau and Bosch i Alsina. Background,

General Stores of Commerce (now Palau de Mar). Mid 80

Harbor view from the funicular cabin. Mid 80

Service Valencia ship unloading on the South Dock. Late 90

Detail of a crane. Late 90

The Asian ship Shen Quan Hai unloading its containers

Railway located on the one of the sides of Contradique Dock.

Tokyo Maru Zama, an Asian ship, towed until Adosado Dock.

Lorries on Barcelona's Dock. Background, Contradique and

Night view of the breakwater. Mid 90

South and East Dock. Mid 90