Bosch i Alsina, snow-covered 1924

Portal de la Pau after snowfall 1941

Docks of Comerç and Barceloneta 1905

The French vessel Provence for repairs, after to be

Views of Varadero from the Industry Dock 1920

Three-masts ship for repairs on Levant Dock 1920

Gap on the East Dock, caused by a

Reconstruction l'extension de Quai du Est avec un bourriquet

Technical Staff planning the reconstruction of

Workers unloading a wagon for the reconstruction of the

Railway which links up the Docks East and Levant 1920

Frigate tied up on de España Dock 1920

A lorry dumping gravel on Catalunya's Dock 1921

Workers celebrating the completion of a reconstruction

Pia boat of repairs on the Dry Dock 1922