Damià Calvet takes office as President of the Port of Barcelona

Damià Calvet has replaced Mercè Conesa, who has been President of the entity for the last three years, since July 2018. Calvet was appointed President of the Port of Barcelona at the last meeting of the Executive Council of the Government of Catalonia, held last Tuesday 29 June on a proposal of the Department of the Vice Presidency and Digital Policies and Territory. Damià Calvet has a degree in Building Sciences and Technologies from Ramon Llull University and a diploma in Technical Architecture from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

The Port of Barcelona will resume cruise activity in a safe, staggered and sustainable way

The Port of Barcelona has worked with shipping companies and other players in the cruise sector to resume activity in a staggered, sustainable, and above all safe way, both for crew and passengers, for the workers of the Port Community and for the citizens of Barcelona. The protocol has been agreed by Foreign Health, which answers to the Spanish Ministry of Health. Cruise companies that operate regularly in the Port of Barcelona will arrive gradually, with MSC Cruises and its MSC Grandiosa kicking off the 2021 season on 26th June.

The first ship affected by the blockage in the Suez Canal to arrive in Barcelona is operating normally

The MSC Ambra container ship, the first affected by the blockage of the Suez Canal to reach the Port of Barcelona, docked tonight at the BEST terminal and is operating normally. This vessel will move 9,000 containers, including imports, exports and transshipments. In the coming days, we are expecting staggered arrivals of other container vessels that had to stop at the Canal for days while it was blocked and which have therefore delayed their call at the Port.